About Burrito Gallery


Burrito Gallery

Burrito Gallery is JaxMex. It all started with a crazy idea to serve the best burritos, tacos, and ‘dillas we could make, using the finest ingredients we could get our hands on; pour the kinds of beers we like to drink; mix up the t­­­­­astiest margaritas on this side of Mexico; and provide a space for local artists to do their thing. So that’s what we did. Founded in early 2005, the original Burrito Gallery opened on East Adams Street in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville.

Years before Downtown Jacksonville was the thriving metropolis it is today, our partners found one of the last small buildings for sale in the Northbank Core. Originally a plumbing supply company to the skyscraper boom of 1901-1920, our little building was then converted into a laundry, a jewelry store, a realty office, and even a secret dance club.

100 years or so later we acquired this special building and began working on those unique flavors you have come to count on in our historic Downtown setting. ­­As serial cultural entrepreneurs, the idea of great food paired with ice-cold beer, tasty drinks and local art was irresistible.

And more than a decade later, we’re doing the same thing from the Beaches to Brooklyn. Thank you for being a part of our continuing history.